Friday, September 29, 2006

Confronting Racism Conference

Confroting Racism 2006-Auraria Campus

Wednesday October 4th 2006 in Tivoli Room 320A
4pm "Manual High School and Racism Towards Black Communities." Larry Hales and John Collins
5pm "Identity Wars." Salem Belal and Leslie (Mano) Andrews
6pm "The Discourse of Poverty Alleviation: Truth or Hypocrisy" Dustin Craun
(Free Food)
7pm Movie Documentary: "The Fourth World War"

Thursday October 5th 2006 in Tivoli Room 620
4pm-5pm "Iraqis Now, Do You Remember the Indians." Dr. Dhalia Wasfi, Sheikh Ibrahim Kazerooni and Prof. Glenn Morris
6pm "Racism and the Colombian Legacy" Dr. Tink Tinker
(Free Food)
7pm "Terrorizing Immigrants" Prof. Anna C. Sampaio

Friday October 6th 2006 in North Classroom Building Room NC1130
1pm "Transform Columbus Day" Glenn Spagnuolo
2pm "Know your Rights! How to Deal with Police Interaction" Denver Cop Watch
(Free Food)

Sponsored by Indigenous Support Network

Text taken from the flyer.


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