Friday, March 09, 2007

New Mexico Moves Closer to Abolishing Columbus Day, what's the problem with the Colorado legislature and governor?

From the Las Cruces, NM Sun-News:

Replacing Columbus
New Mexico would replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Day under a memorial approved Tuesday by the House.
House Memorial 27 calls for the state to stop celebrating Columbus Day because Christopher Columbus wasn't the first discoverer of North America and because American Indians view the day as a "celebration of conquest and genocide."
The measure, approved 32-28, was put forth by Rep. Irvin Harrison, D-Gallup.
Rep. Antonio Lujan, D-Las Cruces, said he favors the step.
"As they say, history is always
written by the conqueror," he said. "I wonder at times what would have happened if the Europeans who came to this hemisphere had received the Indian peoples in the same way the Indian peoples had received the Europeans. I think we'd have a much more generous society."
Rep. Dianne Hamilton, R-Silver City, said she wouldn't be opposed to adding a holiday, but she didn't think Columbus Day should be eliminated because the explorer's journey is also part of the nation's history.


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