Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So, It's On for October

For 18 years, Colorado AIM, and scores of our organizational allies in the Transform Columbus Day Alliance, have worked in many arenas to educate the public, teachers, the media, and politicians about why Columbus Day should be transformed in Colorado, its birthplace. We have been in schools and churches, in the streets, taken to jail and been on trial, we have written newspaper columns and letters to the editors, we have met with numerous politicians and others. Because Columbus Day was born in Colorado 100 years ago this year, we believed that there was a perfect opportunity for political leaders to break with the racist actions of the past, and to set Colorado on a new course. While the Republicans controlled the state legislature and the governor’s office, this was impossible. When the Democrats gained control last November, we believed that finally, after fort years, an opportunity presented itself to transform Columbus Day, and to make a statement for historical integrity. The Democratic leadership failed us. They did not so much as allow a debate in this session of the legislature. They would not allow a bill to be introduced to repeal Columbus Day, or even a resolution that suggested that repeal was a good idea, or even a resolution that recognized and regretted the genocide against Native peoples in the Americas. The Colorado legislature (especially Senate President Joan Fitzgerald), and the Colorado governor, Bill Ritter, are all cowards, who prefer to support anti-Indian racism to advancing the racial justice that they pay lip service to. Today, we held a press conference to call to account those weak-willed, racist politicians who have decided to keep a holiday in place to an Indian-murdering, slavetrader. Read story here and here

So, the legislature and the governor have spoken (by quashing debate), and we are putting out the call for EVERYONE to plan to come to Denver in October for the 100th anniversary of the racist Columbus Day holiday. We will be posting a schedule of events for September and October, soon. Please visit this site frequently for updates. PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW --THIS OCTOBER, IN DENVER!