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Our Brother, Lance "Nakose" Allrunner, Makes His Journey to the Spirit World

Lance Allrunner, Cheyenne/Comanche/Kiowa originally from Anadarko, Oklahoma, made his journey to the spirit world last evening, March 5th, 2010. Lance was a community leader in the best sense of the word -- he seemed always to have a smile on his face, and encouragement on his lips. He lived in Denver for many years, and was a youth mentor, counselor, teacher and a positive example of indigenous manhood. He belonged to the tsi tsistah ho dah ni dah mi o’h (Cheyenne Dog Soldier Society) and also danced with the Nu mu nu Thu wee (Comanche Black Knife) dancers. He was a renowned dancer, singer and MC at powwows and other community events. Lance’s father, who died in a car accident when Lance was eight, was a full-blooded Cheyenne; his mother was half Kiowa (her mother) and half Comanche (her father). Lance described the difficulty of finding the “middle ground” between Indian and White ways. Lance remembers the words of his Comanche grandfather who said, “The Indian way of life is a hard way of life. You need to fit in on both sides. You need to know who you are. Learn your own songs first.” He emphasized, “Times of Indian assimilation into the White culture are over. We have strong traditions that we respect and the White persons must respect them too.” Lance honored Colorado AIM by singing and marching with us to transform the Columbus Day holiday, and on many other issues of concern to the Indian world. His smile, his voice, and his example will be missed by us all. We will post arrangements for his funeral/memorial services here, as they are announced. Go in peace and love, brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lance's family.
Lance and Francis Sherwood in their dance regalia

UPDATE: Lance Allrunner's Funeral arrangements: Currently he's at the Comanche Funeral Home. His wake will be Monday, March 8th, 7-9 pm @ the Comanche Funeral Home in Lawton, OK. Funeral @ 1 pm in Anadarko, OK @ the 1st Methodist Church. Burial will follow at Cache Creek Cementary west of Apache. Feast will follow at the Apache Cultural Center.

Denver community rememberance: We will get together tomorrow (Sunday, March 7th) at 1 PM, at the Denver Indian Center, 4407 Morrison Road, for a community remembrance of Nakose (Lance Allrunner). Please bring a covered dish, some good words and stories to share. Contact Wes, Ruby or Mike for info. Mike (720) 359-6460 or
Wes (720) 643-7200, Ruby (303) 449-5512


Blogger Renee said...

This is so sad. His family is in our prayers and please let them know how much his wonderful voice will be missed by all of us. The March Pow wow will not be the same without him. We pray he will have a safe and swift journey. Renee Still Day

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Bernice E. Forrest said...

Lance, I'll surely miss you in the circle.

May the Creator maintain a special place for you in the Eternal Circle of Life.


Bernice Elizabeth Forrest (Montauk)

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I visited our daughter Kim and our son-in-law Raymund when they first settled in Colorado. On our first day as we settled in the small front room, in the door walked the “Biggest Indian Man I have ever seen”, and you see I can say that because I am an Indian myself.

We were introduced to Lance Allrunner. What a gentle giant he was, the strength of his voice, the laughter, the love, and the respect for all, he was known in our family as “Bubba”. When my grandson Christopher who is now 16 years old was able to sit up as a baby and they would place him by the drums and there teach him how to beat along with the songs of the Pow Wows.

Bubba was a strong figure and influence in my Colorado family’s life. My grandchildren looked up to him as their Uncle, and cherished him and his guidance. They knew that they could talk to him about anything, any problems in their lives and he would listen with respect and genuine heartfelt concern for them. They knew that he would not judge them, and he would always stand by them.

He taught them so much about their proud Indian heritage, about the meaning and beliefs found in the dancing aat the Pow Wow’s, to have respect for all and so much about the Indian ways. Lance was a brother to Kim and Raymund and they helped each other through good and bad times. Now funny little things will happen and they look up and laugh and say “Yes Bubba We Get It”

Joe and I want to thank you for sharing your son and your husband with our family and let you know he was deeply loved and respected and that he will be missed. Lance may be gone from our eyes but he remains in our hearts and the lessons and guidance he gave remains and will continue to be an ever present part of that inner voice that will continue to guide us through life.

With Our Deepest Sympathy For Your Loss
Joe and Lana Ellingsworth

9:07 AM  
Blogger Milo said...

Not a day goes by I think of Lance. I last seen him at the Denver Social Service Graduation ceremony in 2008. I remember his words from the Denver Indian Youth camps back in 02, when we huddled together around the fire by Tipis, singing songs to the midnight stars. I was at the darkest of my days, living on the edge of poverty with my family and gangs. I was a kid, lost and filled with anger. I needed help; I needed someone to take my hand and pull me back from the depths of despair and violence. He told me before the fire went out, "Life is like this mountain here, and as a mountain, it is easy to lose your way. Dont be afraid Milo, hear my songs and the voices of our people. Let them guide your way through your mountain."

He touched my heart, like the Angel; the guiding spirit that keeps us safe. I believe in angels, and Verla Howell and Lance Allrunner was one of them. I would not have graduated high school without them. I know this post is late, but he was truly a messenger of a higher being; he exemplifies the teachings of our ancestors and help the blinded youth to see again. Its hard to admit hes gone, but our ancestors told him its time to come home.

My name is Emilio Lone Elk, and like the brightest mountain stars at night, I will look for Lance in the sky til the last days of my life.

9:12 AM  

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