Monday, October 21, 2013

Colorado AIM and Idle No More-Denver
Call for Protest of Washington Football Team at Washington-Broncos game
October 27, 2013
Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver
(check back for more details)
Change the Racist Mascot

"If people are genuinely interested in honoring Indians, try getting your government to live up to the more than 400 treaties it signed with our nations. ... Try stopping the ongoing theft of Indian water and other natural resources. Try reversing your colonial process that relegates us to the most impoverished, polluted and desperate conditions in this country. ... Try understanding that the mascot issue is only the tip of a very huge problem of continuing racism against American Indians. Then maybe your 'honors' will mean something. Until then, it's just so much superficial, hypocritical puffery. People should remember that an honor isn't born when it parts the honorer's lips, it is born when it is accepted by the honoree's ear and in the honoree's heart."
Glenn T. Morris, American Indian Movement of Colorado, 1992


Blogger r-word 2 red tails said...

Part # 1.

We All now know the price of Racism.

It is a privately owned franchise, but, The United States Flag used at 'All' NFL Football games,

Including All the Washington Racist "R-word" games, represents All American's,

Making it 'A Unifying Force of Racism'

An ''American Professional National Racism'' supported by (Knowing, Unknowingly) All NFL Football fans

And by 'ALL' American's represented by our American Flag.

Making it a ''National, International Disgrace''.!!!!

Racism smoke-screened by 'Strength, Courage, Pride and Respect'.

The Washington Racist 'R-word' is equivalent to the Racist N-word.

'Racism is Racism'.

Racism is addressed in other countries by Americans, Duncan Donuts 'Black Face' in Taiwan,

Italian gymnast Carlotta Ferlito: 'IF' I painted my face black. .."

The Racist 'N-word'.

Here in America, on Americas Holiest day, all season, White men and Black men paint up their faces religiously to ridicule Indigenous peoples on public television every Sunday.
American people 'think it's cute' and people are encouraged by being told it is an 'honor' to the "Ind." people.
That's a LIE, It's Not an 'Honor', It's American Red Tape Racism.

But, the Whiteskin Racist will not paint his face Black,
and The Blackskin Racist will not paint his face White.

Every time Indigenous peoples respond to News Blogs on Mascot Issues, Non-Ind. people attack Indigenous people with offensive language & Hate speeches.
It's Not an Honor.
Indigenous Peoples don't want your 'Racist Honor'.

For a True personal experience,

For three hours, once a week, on America's Holiest Day, 'Sunday', for the whole season,

In front of the children, On the streets,

Openly, Call 'Everyone' around you





Gangsters, Bikers, Co-workers, Family, Friends
and Congress.

Or, Stand up Against Racism.

One Nation Under GOD.

GOD doesn't support Racism, Why should We.

It is not a 'GOD' given Right to anyone to Insult another person openly on Public TV.

For GOD and Country Help End Racism in GOD's Country.

5:00 AM  

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