Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Protest Columbus Day in Its Birthplace

Columbus Day Parade Protest
Saturday, October 8, 2011
Assemble @ 9am
bet. Lincoln and Broadway/ Colfax & 14th Ave.

Themes: “Transform Columbus Day – Create a Respectful Future”
“No Parades for Indian-Killers,” “No Celebrations of Genocide,”

The Transform Columbus Day Alliance is based upon mutual respect, sharing the perspective that Columbus Day is a racist statement of cultural domination, especially against indigenous peoples of the Americas and Africa. Columbus committed genocide against American Indians, and was an African slave trader. Celebrations honoring Columbus reinforce historical racism, theft, lies, murder, slavery and the destruction of the environment. We reject Columbus as a heroic person, and we reject holidays, celebrations or other honors for Columbus.

This Alliance opposes Columbus Day, Columbus celebrations and the Columbus legacy. Noting that the Columbus Day holiday began in Colorado in 1907, this Alliance acknowledges its unique responsibility to challenge the Columbus holiday and Columbus celebrations, in Denver, and in Colorado.

This Alliance is dedicated to the transformation of the Columbus holiday from a hateful, racist holiday that celebrates conquest and domination to a respectful celebration that calls for a future for the Americas without racism, exploitation, or state/corporate domination.We repudiate the concept of "discovery," which is not merely a rhetorical description of Columbus' endeavor, but has been extended into specific legal and political doctrines that have been, and continue to be, used for the destruction of indigenous peoples. Columbus is the source of the discovery doctrine, and must be rejected. Join us this Saturday to help put an end to this racist, anti-Indian holiday, and to build a new future for our next seven generations.

Transform Columbus Day Alliance & American Indian Movement of Colorado
www.transformcolumbusday.org http://www.colorado-aim.blogspot.com/


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